Automatic Leather Nesting

The yield is undoubtedly the main concern of any manufacturer of natural leather products. A key element to cut costs is the automatic nesting efficiency. Thagora Automatic Leather Nesting solution combines powerful algorithms with GPU technology to achieve maximum nesting efficiency.

Automatic nesting and related features

Although the efficiency of the Thagora automatic leather nesting solution is critical, there are other important means of leather savings. The Off-Line workflow offers new possibilities:

  •         Multi-Hide nesting
  •         Adaptive strategies
  •         24/7 nesting

Nesting related features: die cutting limitation (for the automotive industry), incomplete sets distribution, rotation restriction and tilt, gap and safety gap, models/parts priority, centered pack, RUW.

Automatic nesting powered by GPU technology

Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) is a technology that offers massive computing power. It is widely used in many cutting-edge applications such as: autonomous driving, deep learning, robot vision, financial or physics simulators. Thagora team has undertaken an extensive R&D project to adapt the GPU technology for the leather cutting process. Multiple deployments in automotive and furniture plants prove that this solution leads to a 2-3% increase in nesting efficiency compared with the standard automatic nesting solutions.

In years to come, the evolution of GPU technology might be the best solution to harvest the true potential of multi-hide leather nesting, with huge benefits in leather savings.

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